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“ My experience learning on online with New Horizons is splendid. Yes I use "is" because I'm still leaning another course titled "MCSA Server 2016" currently immediately after the completion of "IS20 Security Controls." I must say that the course content is as detailed as no stone is left. Even with the promo, you get same content as normal prize. For those who loves self development and quality courses, I recommend you get into New Horizons. Don't delay, your future depends on what you learn today.”

Ugochukwu Abijah Unegbu

“As a serving corps member and someone who has wide practical knowledge in electrical engineering field who has also handle some projects in the past and seek to further enrich myself with diverse knowledge to meet up with the global professional, i never knew an ONLINE study program could be this comfortable, educative, user friendly and at low cost until i was introduced to NEW HORIZON online training which really meet with my expectations and needs. I recommend this program to everyone who is still looking for a way to improve professionally at a very reasonable low cost.”

Adisa Olumide Oyeranmi

Adisa Olumide Oyeranmi1